Sunday, May 15, 2011

Virginia Gold Cup

To anyone who hasn't been to a horse race like the Virginia Gold Cup, May 7th was a day of pastels, hats, and grass stains. What a fabulous display of preppy clothes and great times. I've never been to a horse race like this before. All previous times were spent in a glass box, watching horses sprint around a oval dirt track. This was a huge grass track with water jumps and hurdles. There were beagle races and hat contests. Junior rider races and gold cup champions. I've never seen so many elaborate tailgate set-ups. Flowers and ribbon and finger sandwich platters. People playing corn hole and drinking from small beach pails, while wearing everything from a polka dots seeksucker suits to some of the largest and tallest hats I've ever seen, on both women and men.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Spring is Here

I can't say I have a favorite flower but I certainly like them when my path crosses with them. From surprise bouquets to highway-side landscaping, there really is nothing like a flower to brighten up the area.

It's only unfortunate that they don't last. DC is beautiful without its pink blossoms but what isn't better with some rose petal tinted glasses? The Cherry Blossom Festival was beautiful this year and it's over but on that same token they've moved aside for the tulips of the flower beds outside my building and the clover buds in the kickball field.