Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Peace at the Other Side of the World

I have a legitimate reason for disappearing for as long as I did this time, and it is because I was in China. Yes, that's right, China. The farthest distance and time zone from here I could possibly manage. While the smog is oppressive, the sodium intake swelling, and the masses of people overwhelming at times with both their numbers and curiosity at seeing a westerner, it is an absolutely beautiful country. My small glimpse wasn't nearly enough. Three cities-Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai-and I burned through my 2 gig memory card with ease. The picture above was taken in my second favorite location of the trip, The Summer Palace in Beijing. It's a shame the tour companies rush you through these beautiful places as quickly as they do, I could have spent hours walking the lake (yep, a lake) and meandering the trellised gardens. If I could draw, I would have or if I had my notebook, I would have written but I all I had was my camera. I hope you'll appreciate the snapshots I post in the coming days. It's never as good as being there, surrounded by the hum, air and presence of every detail that makes a photograph worth taking, but it's a start.

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