Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shanghai 2010 World Expo

We bring my China posts to a close with the Shanghai World Expo aka the Epcot of life, only a million times more amazing. Here are a couple of shots from inside the fraction of country pavilions I made it to during my two days there.

This small city of international celebration was too large for even a person, such as myself, armed with good walking shoes and a Performers' Pass (aka cut to the front of most lines) to get through it all. If you're in the Shanghai area between now and the end of October, I highly recommend going. Prepare to have you mind blown and spirits soar.

Above: Vietnam Pavilion
Right: Italy Pavilion
Above: Germany Pavilion

Above: Morocco Pavilion

Above: Czech Republic Pavilion

Above: Russia Pavilion

Above: UAE Pavilion

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