Saturday, November 26, 2011

North Woods Thanksgiving

I LOVE MY NEW CAMERA! Seriously it is the sexiest camera alive. I’m sure everyone says that when they make the giant leap from automatic point and shoot to a Digital SLR…but really, sexy sexy camera. I’m obsessed with my camera so much so that I chose it over my laptop for my carry-on on my most recent flight home for Thanksgiving.

And as these photos will show, I am so glad I made that choice. Hayward is and forever will be my favorite place on earth. It’s calm, quiet, beautiful, and endlessly interesting with its wildlife, winding roads, and forest paths. I took these wandering down our (very long) driveway with my sister and my uncle. You’d think with everything being brown, dead, and unfortunately not wildly snow covered, there would be little of interest to photograph. Oh contraire with this camera. Its detail is amazing and opens up my “artistic eye,” if I’m able to even it that, even more to the random photo ideas that jump into my head.

This was the vacation of abandoned chairs, “snow balls,” tree climbing, pinwheel finding, blaze orange, breaking ice, and candles. All while trying to figure out a fancy new camera that I’m pretty sure is smarter than me. I’ll get the hang of it eventually though…I hope.

I hope even a quarter of my photographic excitement shines through these because, believe me, I was having a blast.


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