Saturday, May 11, 2013

What a Colorful World! - Color Run 2013

Another year, another Color Run. This time, in Baltimore, Maryland.

And it was under threatening cloudy skies that we ran for our color on May 11th.

After threading through the National Harbor on a beautifully sunny day last year, it was hard not to feel at least a little disappointed looking at the weather forecast in the days leading up to the race. How would the colored powder hold up to the rain? Clearly our only fate was to emerge from the course as caked, mud colored, powder monsters.

The morning of the 5K arrived and there was no rain. We climbed into the car armed with coffee and many towels to clean the pending mess and there was no rain. We arrived, drove in circles till we found the parking lot. and there was no rain.

Waiting, corralled in a stretch of open asphalt with an extremely flexible and enthusiastic Zumba instructor, and there was no rain.

Every K that passed brought another layer of color, and wonderfully, still, there was no rain. Not until the finish line came into view did the first drops fall. Light and scattered. Polka-dotting our skin and turning each one of us into a work of splatter paint.

This made the race-end "mosh pit" celebration party even more fun. Every color packet thrown became a mix of powder, paste, and paint on every fold of clothing and patch of skin. And also, made for some great photos. Coughing through a haze of cornstarch, it was a technicolor world.

(And also a great place to snap a few engagement photos for our partners in crime!)

Turns out in the end, the rain brought its own brand of fun. I suppose any good cliché movie ending could have told me that. Each drop adding to the texture of color from another wonderful experience with some great friends.

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