Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Valentine's Day Concert

It has been ages since I've been to a concert. And even longer still since I've stood on the floor at a concert.

But the experience is just as I remember it. Jumping and cramped, and filled with the flailing arms and screaming fans. No, not a Bieber concert, a Mumford and Sons concert and the first concert they had given since winning Best Album at the Grammys. And one that I would go back to again in a heartbeat.

It was a huge accomplishment to be celebrated, and they celebrated for all it was worth.

With an enthusiasm and passion often lacking from big touring productions, each member of the band left their musical heart and soul on that stage. From Babel to The Cave, is was a spectical of light, sound, and an experience I'll not soon forget.

Above that, as one who dabbles in singing myself, to see the love they had for their music, their fans, and each other really was inspiring. Here is a group that has done and will continue to do great things. I can only wish them the best....and for maybe another set of tickets.

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