Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Our Version of a Lantern Walk

It was the last weekend of the Cherry Blossom festival here in DC this past weekend. My roommate and I set out at Noon for a blossom filled day celebrating these beautiful trees. This day, we hoped, would culminate at a Lantern Walk around the Tidal Basin around the Jefferson Memorial. Now when someone says "lanterns," especially after hearing about the lantern lighting ceremony, we assumed we would be lead around the basin through lanterns or to a grove of lanterns. Basically. we were imagining that glowing scene from Tangled. Massive amounts of lanterns. This, as you can probably guess, was not correct. And I will now concede that this expectation was unrealistic but still, lame. These walks "Lantern Walks" consisted of following a guide holding a single lantern around the basin. No grove, no multiple lanterns of any kind.

While this could be seen as a set back. We took it in stride and walked the other way around the basin, creating a tour of our own. Sadly not filled with lanterns, but had some beautiful glowing shots of the monuments, which made it worth it.

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